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One key issue these days when today’s world of plumbing, are large organizations or companies that do not properly diagnose issues inside of a home. Resulting in larger bills and eventually more problems. Overlooking key components of a leak or problem can, and will lead to further damages. This is where we come in! With years of experience and expertise in North Texas homes, we pride ourselves in working quickly…but also working correctly. 

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If it’s an issue for you, it’s an issue for us. We go extra lengths in testing out your pipes and your property to make sure that we know exactly what the issue is, and how to fix it. With several was of finding leaks throughout a home (or underground), we have advanced technology to get the job done. But we’ll first always double check to ensure that you only pay for the service needed. Don’t let a large company overcharge you, only to leave you with additional plumbing problems.

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All repairs...all the time

We specialize in a range of services, and operate around testing (and reducing) your water pressure to find any potential issue. A pressure test will tell us if there’s leaks with your system or lines. And reducing pressure can be a huge help in extending the life of your home and it’s appliances. When you put aspects like that together, that should also mean you’ll save money on your water bill. Don’t wait until you have an issue, give us a call for an annual routine check. If there’s a way we can prevent any issues, and lower your water bill…then we’d love to come out and check!

Your sewers and drains need to be checked and cleaned for potential blockage on an annual basis as well. A clog to your drain or sewer can be a big mess, but waiting to fix any problem could be very costly! We are available to serve all of Colling, Dallas, and Denton countines. Based on your location to us (Allen) we will always attempt same day service if available. Plumbing issues and repair can be a very frustrating, yet important issue. Trust us and our licensed plumbers to serve our every need!

DFW Plumbing & Repair

Allen Plumbing Experts guarantee to go above and beyond. Your family and household means a lot to us, and with that we do everything possible to make you happy. Our technicians have been trained on detection for all sorts of leaks, including concrete slabs and other areas of your yard. We will always try to keep the work to a minimum, never overcharging for unneeded services or repair. To often, we find that new home builders do not properly install plumbing (among other aspects of your home) properly. You would be best served to hire a professional to do the work. Simple aspects like toilet leaks can be solved and fixed by our “DIY Community.” But, if there’s anything you don’t feel comfortable with, trust a professional so that you don’t create a bigger issue. Trust us!